About Me

I have been thinking and talking about doing this website for such a long time now. I started a beauty blog a few years ago and did manage to write a few pieces but motherhood got in the way and it got ignored and subsequently forgotten about. I’ve always had a real love for finding good quality beauty products that will make life easier and I still do but there is so much more on my plate at this point in my life so I guess it’s a good time to finally start this site of mine and talk about all of the things that interest or fixate me right now.

It goes without saying really that as a mother of three small kids they are the centre of my universe and nothing else comes even close to how I feel about my family but there’s plenty of other things that I’m passionate about such as good food (we have a healthy food restaurant called Counter Culture) and I’ll be bringing you delicious recipes from there each week. Some fashion – whenever the mood takes me! Kids and baby stuff because there is no escaping it for me these days. Getting fit is also a priority and I’ll yack about that from time to time telling you how training is going and imparting any little gems I’ve picked up from BodyByrne (on Clarendon st – best gym ever) about diet or fitness.

Back to the beauty stuff and there will probably be more about that than anything else because heck theres just so much to tell you about. Lets be very clear from the start – I get invited to product launches where we are generally ‘gifted’ the product for us to try and hopefully talk about on social media or otherwise. Also I’m just sent stuff in the post too. There is no huge onus on me to review any of those products but A. I love to do it and B. its good to pass on good news about great new potions! Also I will be making it abundantly clear with any product that I review whether it was gifted to me or if I bought it myself. Transparency is the buzz word of the moment and I’m all for it as I’m sure most of you are too. I will have giveaways as often as I have the product to do so and hopefully that will be most weeks! Please follow/like the page if you will and enjoy!

Recent work

  • Currently brand Ambassador for Yonka Skincare
  • Co-presented The Entrepreneur of The Year Awards for UTV Ireland
  • Acted as MC for the annual Down Syndrome Ireland Fashion Show
  • Fronted the ‘GroMór’ campaign for Bord Bia
  • Launched an Aldi ‘Mother and Baby Event’ for print media
  • Guest panellist on TV3’s Midday show
  • Radio ad for RTE Symphony Orchestra
  • Radio ad for Dubray Books Christmas Campaign