Clarins is a ‘go to’ skin care and make up brand for me for the longest time now. Its rare to find a woman who doesn’t have or hasn’t had some Clarins in her make up or skin care arsenal. I’m always sniffing out new products to try but as I’ve gotten older and my skin has needed more tlc I’ve craved make up products that are dual purpose i.e. will benefit my skin while doing the beautifying. Enter Clarins with some gorgeous creations for lips and eyes called Instant Light.

The one I’m slightly in love with right now is the Lip Perfecting base. It contains little micro pearls that moisturise and fill in any lines or cracks in the lips providing a smooth and beautiful base that will also hold tight to your lipstick. It looks equally gorgeous on its own I reckon as its just gives a lovely blurred effect and it also contains some plumping agents too. Now while I don’t think everyone would look right with pillow lips I do think that a gentle plumping action such as this one really brings out the natural shape and defines the curve of anyones lips.

Available in most department stores and classy pharmacies all over the country! €18.50