I have had a love affair with perfume for as long as I can remember! My first proper bottle which my Mam gave me was Anais Anais and I loved it. It was sweet and delicate and my 14 year old self thought I was the living bomb when I wore it! I graduated on to more intense scents from then on such as ‘O de Lancome’, ‘Paris’ and then one of my all time favourites ‘Ysatis’.

I never have less than about 6 or 7 bottles on the go – sometimes more as I definitely have different scents for different moods/days. My current collection is quite electic and I’ll extol the virtues of them one by one here each week.

First up its Sì by Armani. I’ve loved tonnes of their scents over the years and Sensi was one of my faves until they discontinued it a few years ago. I still have a bottle but its actually too sweet for me now. I’ve had Sì for about a year or so and I just love it. I find the eau de parfum to be a little heavy duty but the eau de toilette is just spot on right from the first spritz!

Now while I’d love to think that I’m immune to the power of advertising I’m pretty sure that I’m not as I gaze upon Cate Blanchette doing her thing in the ads and I think to myself ‘oh I want to buy into that… doesn’t she look like she’s got it all going on!!!! Well I don’t know if wearing the perfume will do that for me but I do know its smells amazing and eh, that’ll do!’

Sì eau de toilette is €54.00 and available in Armotts, Brown Thomas and most good department stores and pharmacies all over the country.